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    It has an area of 29,308 square kilometres, 80% of which is covered by mountains, including active and inactive volcanoes. Part of the Macizo Colombiano is located in Cauca, where the Western and Central cordilleras (mountain ranges) are divided and where the Magdalena, Cauca, Caquetá and Patía rivers originate.

    El Cauca is a microcosm of Colombia’s biological and cultural diversity. El Cauca contains most of the ecosystems found throughout the country and is home to myriad cultural groups.

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    Finca Santa Rosa

    Our location in Cauca, Colombia, is one of our farm’s most valuable assets.

    The land where Café Santa Rosa is grown allows us to maximize the use of volcanic soil, sunlight, wind, and rainfall to achieve the high quality caramelized, taste of our coffee.

    Café Santa Rosa is a soft, 100% Arabica coffee, grown on small plots. We selectively collect and process it following protocols and quality standards promoted by the Colombian National Federation of Coffee Growers and with the certification of the Rainforest Alliance.