What We Do

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    Our Coffee is Special

    It’s been forged by volcanoes. And, it has an extra jolt — It’s harvested with a smile.

    We’re surrounded by volcanoes in the Colombian Andes. So sulfur in the soil mixes with the coffee bean sugar to create the distinguishing caramelized scent particular to Cauca coffee. At 5,000 feet above sea level, our temperatures are low at night and high during the day. This temperature flux helps our coffee plants keep their acidity and sweet tones.

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  • We are specially environmentally friendly

    Like the balanced taste of our coffee, we strive to be in harmony with the environment.


    We convert the cherries’ skin and pulp leftovers into organic fertilizer.

    Organic Recycling

    We recover totally the water used in our coffee processes and return it clean to mother nature.

    Emissions Reduction

    We don’t use motor vehicles in our operations.


    We maintain natural corridors so migrant birds can use them as homes when they pass around.

  • In charge of our Extreme Social Responsibility

    We don’t expect governments to bridge the gap. It’s up to us. With your help, we can improve the lives of our workers and their families by providing services that are out of their reach.

    Preventive Medicine


    Your gift will help us to provide our workers in-farm access to preventive medical, dental and vision services.

    Today, they only visit the doctor when in extreme pain or badly injured.

    Year Around Income


    Your gift will grant our workers the tools and know-how to use our coffee by-products to keep an income flow during the non-harvesting season.

    Their income comes only from the harvesting season.

    Children First


    Providing in-farm childcare and opportunities for technology engagement puts our workers’ children first.

    Many children stay at home unsupervised while their parents work in the field.

    This Is You

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    How can you help?

    At anytime, you will be only a click away from seeing what you have done for our world!

  • Our Commitment

    Our love of coffee goes beyond obtaining the perfect bean. Our land and our workers are also our responsibility.

    Café Santa Rosa will become a standard of Colombia and Cauca’s specialty coffees.

    We have a passion for producing the ideal specialty coffee in an environmentally and socially responsible fashion. Our passion results in bettering our environment and our workers’ lives.

    Heber Vidal

    We want our customers to take part in our passion. By drinking our coffee and/or sponsoring a tree, customers like you can improve part of the world.

    Each cup of coffee is important to us. That’s why we will continually improve and refine our processes in the coffee production.

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